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Lovely light ramen lunch recipes

By On February 23, 2016

Recently my daughter has been pestering me to post some ramen recipes as she was looking for some inspiration for some healthy light lunches to take to work. So I thought it… Read More


Spiced lamb cutlets with Moroccan mezze recipe

By On December 7, 2015

I’m not a huge fan of the traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings, The food maybe delicious, but the huge pile of washing isn’t so appealing. So over the years my… Read More


Linguine with sausage and pesto recipe

By On October 2, 2015

Pasta pesto, was the first pasta dish my son learnt to make, and it still remains one of his favourites today. There is something really comforting about a bowl of spaghetti coated… Read More


Barbecued butterflied leg of lamb with pistachio pesto and sautéed peppers

By On July 24, 2015

We have recently been enjoying fabulous weather here in the UK, so the barbecue has often been in use (which is great as it means less washing up for me!) The good… Read More

Barbecue Feast

MOEN & SONS, best Butcher in town!

By On March 19, 2015

Carrying on from my ‘Support your local Fishmonger blog’, that I did a couple of weeks ago. I thought that I would move onto good butchers.  On the pavement in Clapham, Moen… Read More


Spaghetti with tomato, sausage and Pecorino recipe

By On October 3, 2014

With many of my friends kids (including my own) back at uni, I’ve been asked to put some ‘survival recipes up for students.’ As pasta is always one of their staple foods… Read More


Pan fried duck breast with sticky figs and swiss chard recipe

By On August 20, 2014

The fig tree has taken over my tiny garden and  resembles a scene from the film ‘Day of the Triffids!’ With this sudden bountiful crop, I have been eating  a lot of… Read More


Saturday Night Dinner

By On June 7, 2014

  With only 3/4 of the family around we still managed to pull a pretty incredible steak and sauté potatoes out in the garden with a couple of greens snuck in! To… Read More


One Pot Roast Pork with All The Trimmings.

By On September 27, 2013

As requested here is an easy one pot roast pork recipe ideal for a lazy Sunday lunch. By cooking everything in one pan all the flavours combine together, resulting in a truly… Read More


Leftovers and Garden Produce

By On August 25, 2012

The Husband got a bit carried away with the barbecue last night and cooked far too much meat so we had a quarter leg of butterflied lamb leftover. Since he is not… Read More