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Christmas Florentine Recipe

By On December 5, 2014

  At this time of year the shops are flooded with all sorts of Christmas goodies enticing us to spend even more money…as if Christmas isn’t expensive enough! So this year I… Read More


Crunchy cauliflower,almond and beetroot salad with crispy bacon and cheese parcels

By On February 28, 2014

This a great winter salad which has a nice crunchy bite to it. The crispy bacon and cheese parcels adds a savoury punch and makes the salad a bit more substantial. Great… Read More


Apple and Nut Crumble with Salted Caramel Sauce.

By On October 21, 2013

  My french mother in law first gave me this recipe for apple crumble over twenty years ago. She used breadcrumbs instead of the traditional English method of flour butter and sugar.… Read More