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Comfort food

Green risotto with sweet basil and spinach

By On September 20, 2016

Every so often I surprise myself and make something that’s really really tasty. I’m not trying to be blow my own trumpet; but you know one of those dishes that after your… Read More


Linguine with sausage and pesto recipe

By On October 2, 2015

Pasta pesto, was the first pasta dish my son learnt to make, and it still remains one of his favourites today. There is something really comforting about a bowl of spaghetti coated… Read More

5 a day

Roast Mediterranean veggies with sesame, mustard and lemon dressing

By On April 26, 2015

Sunday night supper and I was feeling rather lazy,  but fancied a little  bit of comfort food after a busy weekend, so these roast veggies were just thing. Full of flavour and… Read More