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Comfort food

Fish stew with peppers saffron lemon and clementine recipe

By On January 12, 2016

I seem to be craving for all things fishy at the moment. After the Christmas carnivore blowout my body needs something a little lighter to run on. Salads are all very well… Read More

Dairy free

Seafood paella with chorizo and peas

By On September 30, 2015

One of the most important things I teach my cookery students is , KEEP IT ¬†SIMPLE. Why spend hours in the kitchen slaving away over a hot stove getting sweaty, whilst your… Read More


Seafood Risotto with Crab, Prawns and Saffron.

By On June 26, 2015

One of my sons friends at uni (who I’m pleased to say is an avid follower of this blog) sent in a request for a seafood food risotto this week. I love… Read More

5 a day

Quick prawn and asparagus curry recipe

By On May 6, 2015

I popped by Rex at the Chelsea fishmonger today to see what looked good for supper and as usual I was spoilt for choice. The freshwater prawns however won my vote as… Read More

Black 'salmon'

Salmon sashimi with cucumber and amaranth

By On March 9, 2015

  I find that men and women are very different when it comes to their eating habits. Give the blokes a nice piece of meat, preferably cooked over the barbie and they… Read More


Support you’re local fishmonger

By On March 4, 2015

We are all guilty of becoming extremely lazy regarding are shopping. Going off to the supermarkets, trudging up and down the aisles with endless signs of 3 for 2,encouraging you to buy… Read More


Langoustines and Loch Nessie at the Three Chimneys

By On May 16, 2013

We went up to the Isle of Skye last week for dinner. It was a bit of a long way to go for supper, I grant you, but once there the dinner… Read More