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Healthy vegetable samosas

By On February 26, 2016

Looking outside at my white frosty lawn this morning I was reminiscing about my about my trip to Africa just before Christmas. I stayed at the wonderful Peponi hotel (http://www.peponi-lamu.com). Every evening… Read More

Canapes and Light Bites

Crushed pea mint and feta toasts recipe

By On February 18, 2016

I love peas and they are one of the few vegetables which taste pretty good from frozen. Don’t get me wrong, there is something utterly devine about eating freshly picked baby peas… Read More


Asparagus broad bean and pea shoot risotto recipe

By On May 22, 2015

Broad beans and peas are  now coming into season and they  are delicious when eaten young. Peas  are a really quick vegetable to grow  at this time of year. Young peas taste… Read More

Dairy free

Pan fried hake with fennel salad and pea purée recipe

By On February 27, 2015

Just because you are cooking for one does not mean that you should not treat yourself to a good meal. Far from it. I believe that if you are ‘home alone’ it… Read More

5 a day

Green Minestrone with Fresh Pesto

By On October 21, 2013

With autumn already here and winter quickly approaching, it’s really nice to have a warm comforting bowl of soup to get you through those cold winter days.  What is so special about… Read More